When it comes to TV shows, where does one begin? Over the years we've all watched great TV shows come and go and then when you're asked to name your all time favorite TV show, the light comes on but nobody's home.

That's because it's so difficult to pick just one when there are so many to choose from. Let's just go ahead and make it easy on you with the top 10 Greatest TV Shows of All Time and see if you agree.

According to cinemablend.com, here's your Top !0!

10. The Simpsons-No one could have predicted this Tracy Ullman Show spinoff would have lasted more more than 570 episodes. It's on the way to Season 27 with all of its cast intact.

9. Mad Men-This series made Dom Draper a household name and reminded the world just how alcohol and cigarettes were abused during the 1960's

8. I Love Lucy-The only entry on this list to air before the 1960's. Everyone watched I Love Lucy! This show was one of the first truly classic sitcoms.

7. Saturday Night Live-Almost no season of SNL is perfect, but every year produces a handful of unforgettable moments.

6. The Sopranos-Can I just say that I was hooked on this show. One of the best shows ever! Excellent performances from James Gandolfini, Edie Falco and a stellar ensemble.

5. Seinfeld-The show about nothing is a lot of things to a lot of people, and one of those things is an amazingly funny observation on how weird things can get. Jerry Seinfeld decided to end before the show went past its prime.

4. Game of Thrones-Game of Thrones turned the HBO network into a ratings monster. Flat out, a winning mixture of fantasy and regal politics.

3. The X-Files-This show featured a host of memorable side characters that added both fun and mystery. The X-Files truly had something for everyone.

2. Breaking Bad-Everyone keeps telling me that this is a great show and I still haven't watched one single episode. Breaking Bad will probably remain one of TV's best series for decades to come.

1. Friends-This show was one of the main reasons that NBC was known for comedy throughout the 1990's, and the show rocketed its ensemble cast to stardom.

There you have it, the Top 10 Greatest TV Shows of All Time. Cinemablend.com.

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