Things were getting a bit loud up in Imlay City, located in Lapeer County,so loud in fact that many residents ended up call the Sheriffs Department.   Residents said they kept hearing these loud booms and could not figure out what they were.

The Sheriffs department said that the booms being heard were from a local farmer who was using a propane cannon to scare deer away to keep them from eating his crops.

Some area residents said the booming noise was going on all night long, but others were quick to come to the farmers defence saying that he was just protecting his crops.

Authorities said that the farm was located outside their jurisdiction so there was nothing they could do about it.  Meanwhile the farmer, is said to just be protecting his property and after having deer eating up his crops he had had enough and turned to the propane cannon with the loud booms. (BTW it did work, but the neighbor's have to put up with the noise.)

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