A car wash owner in Ohio has come up with a brilliant idea to increase business and make more money by scaring customers.

The Rainforest Car Wash in Brunswick Ohio has cars lined down the street to get a wash, not just because their vehicles are dirty, but because they have turned into a scary car wash.

This spooky experience has employees dressed up as creepy clowns and they sneak up on cars not only while they are in line outside, but inside they will wipe the soap away from a window and there is a terrifying clown staring right at you.

This frightening car wash costs $20 dollars and is a fun scare for some because they are safe in their cars. It is scary how much the car wash is making off this. Other businesses in Texas and Alabama are also trying the 'haunted car wash' and business is scary good.

I am not a huge fan of walking through a haunted house, but this is something that I would definitely do, knowing I was safe in my car with the doors locked!

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