Whoever heard of tearing down a Michigan Historical Landmark site to put up a Dollar General?

Well, that’s what happened in Roscommon.

The Historical Site in question was the William J. Terney house. Terney was one of Michigan’s lumber barons in the late 1800’s. The house wasn’t just torn down…the  marker was taken away as well. For the curious among you, the marker read as follows:

“William J. Terney, lumber baron and Civil War veteran, moved to the Roscommon area in 1887 and erected this house in the late 1880s. Shortly afterwards, he began extensive lumbering operations here and was instrumental in bringing the railroad through the village. Near the turn of the century Terney was appointed county treasurer. He was elected village president in 1904, and in later years, served as an officer for the Michigan State Fair. Terney engaged in a real estate business until his death in 1926. Local banker William B. Orcutt purchased this large Queen Anne residence from Terney in 1910. Its interior features white oak parquet flooring and ornate paneling, linking it to the once-booming lumbering epoch of Roscommon.”

And if that ain’t enough, the old historic Masonic Lodge that stood next to the Terney house since 1890 was also torn down to make way for……the parking lot. The demolitions took place in 2012 and soon a shiny new Dollar General was put in place.

But all was not totally lost…..the local Historical Society was able to salvage old relics and materials from the demolition sites for preservation in the local museum. Take a look below at some “before and after” pictures of the Terney House and how the site appears now.


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