It is unfortunate that many of today's generation won't enjoy the pleasures of drive-in movies. However, it is fortunate that a good handful still survive in Michigan. You might have to travel a good distance to get to one, but they're still fun, no matter what the season.

Old-timers may recall what it was like to hit the drive-ins back in the 1950s: sneaking your buddies in via the trunk, pizza with cardboard-like crust, speakers that didn't work half the time, and the steamy windows in the car next to yours.

Those mosquito repellent coils...did they really work? You light the end and it slowly burns down like incense, except it smells nothing like incense...just smoke. Was it the smoke that was supposed to chase the mosquitoes away or was their some insect poison in it? If so, we were stuck in that car breathing that stuff ourselves.

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How many girls do you know that had to find another ride home from the drive-in because their date was all hands and mouth? And how many guys to you know that 'bragged' about how their date went at the drive-in when nothing actually happened?

Screaming kids and babies heard a few cars down, someone's horn getting stuck, lost  people coming back from the concession stand peering into your car thinking it's theirs, trying to stay awake during a triple feature, headlights blasting your eyes.....that was the drive-in. And probably still is.

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