I wrote a recent post describing how I plan on building my own backyard shed, until I realized how much work goes into the entire project.

This past weekend I had to pull out all of my big tools to tear down an old shed that's been sitting in my backyard way too long.

This old shed needed to come down as I get ready to put up our new 12 by 12 shed come November. My old shed has simply fallen apart.

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Take a look at this video below because it pretty much sums up what kind of a weekend I had tearing down our old shed.

As you could see in the video, it takes a lot of hard work to tear down an old shed. My wife and I worked on it together all weekend long and it's just about down to the ground.

I used a ladder, sledge hammer, reciprocating saw, drills, regular hammer, and other tools just to get the job done.

Now if you really enjoyed watching the above video, wait till you see the next one below. This guy decided to use a chain saw to help demolish a shed.

For safety measures, I would highly recommend not using a chain saw to cut up your shed.

Moving forward, once I get all of the debris picked up and put into a dumpster, then I can bring in the crushed cement and even out the entire 12 by 12 area for the new shed.

Currently my wife and I are deciding on either building a new shed by ourselves or to just simply hire someone else to do it, so we don't have to stress out about the whole project.

My wife wants to hire it done and I want to do it myself. I think it's time to flip a coin, although my wife will end up winning this argument anyway. We'll keep you posted!

By the way, if you need some advice on how to demolish a shed, don't ask me. We have a better solution, dumpsters.com.

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