Michigan has been called a 'Water Wonderland' and 'Winter Wonderland'...but it's also a 'Waterfall Wonderland' with plenty of major, minor, big, small, and secluded falls for us to scope out.

Out of all Michigan's falls which is the tallest? Not Tahquamenon Falls...those may be the grandest...but the tallest falls in Michigan is the Bridalveil Falls located at Pictured Rocks. You'll find it in Alger County, about eleven miles northeast of Munising.

At its 45 degree angle, it stretches up the hill until it reaches its peak of 140 feet, making it our state's tallest falls. It's not totally impossible to visit the top of the falls; just hike the North Country Trail along the top of Pictured Rocks cliffs.....but you won't be able to see the falls. Too difficult and too dangerous.

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The only problem with these falls is the location...you can't see it from the trail. The only place on land to get a good view is at Miners Castle at Miners Beach. Otherwise, to really get a good look at Bridalveil Falls, you'll have to boat, canoe, or kayak over.

Bridalveil Falls flows over (what appears to be) a hard, smooth sandstone surface at a 45 degree angle into Lake Superior. It kinda makes you wish you could climb to the top and slide down like it's an old playground slide!

If you're planning on taking a summer trip to Pictured Rocks, you may be disappointed in Bridalveil Falls...usually when summers get dry, the falls are reduced to just a dribble. The falls are best seen in late winter and spring when the snow and ice melt. Then, the falls are at full flow. Best months would probably be April and May.

You can also visit the top of the falls by hiking the North Country Trail.  The trail runs along the top of the Pictured Rocks cliffs, however, so the view of the falls is obscured from this vantage point.

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