The question that a UFO?  Debra Thompson who lives in South Carolina captured on video what she swears is a UFO.  Thompson was not the only one who saw the object  that was described as being " an extraordinarily bright and beautiful" red ball as it bounces, stops, fades and then grows brighter.

This is not a first.  UFO sightings have been occurring for years, like back in 1957 in the small Texas town of Levelland.  Police received an onslaught of calls from panicked residents.  Callers described a flash of light that flew overhead, and also a "rush of wind' accompanied the object.  The incident was blamed for dead lights and engines of area trucks.  Witnesses say that it quickly transformed into a fireball before flying away.

Unarius Academy of Science Expects Flying Saucers in 2001
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Back in 2008,  40 residents in Stevensville Texas reported seeing a UFO.  Among those reporting the sighting was a Police Officer.  Those who saw the space craft say it hovered over the farming community for 5 minutes before shooting off.

UFO sightings are not a new thing, back in 1860 residents of Wilmington, Delaware spotted a flying object.  It was described as a measuring about 200 feet long and flew about 100 feet off the ground

Believe or not, these unidentified flying objects have been seen for many years, with some saying proof can bee seen in some cave drawings and also in drawings by early Egyptians.

Most people don't believe in UFO's that is until they see one for themselves.


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