Taco Bell Celebrates Return of Nacho Fries and Demolition Man 25th Anniversary With Futuristic Dining Experience
Getty Images for Taco Bell

It is a 'thing'.  Marriage at Taco Bell in their Chapel.

It's called a Wedding Chapel with a Taco Bell Twist.  The Taco Bell wedding chapel offers an intimate Taco Bell themed setting for couples and up to 25 guests .

This is in Las Vegas (no surprise) and a view of the Vegas strip and even features a beautiful wedding archway.

The Bride carries a bouquet of Taco Bell sauces, the grooms flower is also made from Taco Bell Sause packets and if you were wondering the flower girl drops packets of hot sauce.

Once the ceremony is over guests get to chow down on taco bell food.

The best part, the wedding costs $600.00.

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