An 'invisible' ghost town? Well, kinda.

The Michigan ghost town of Summitville is just that: a GHOST town.
There is nothing left of the town.
Just a couple of dirt roads.
And a modern generator.

Summitville shows up on Google satellite as "Summitville Ghost Town Site" and shows absolutely nothing there but a dirt road three-way (SEE PHOTOS ABOVE). But the actual Summitville location is believed to be a few feet north on US-10, alongside the former raliroad tracks.

The town is in Lake County, one of a handful of Michigan Mitten counties with loads of ghost towns.

The year when Summitvile was founded might be unknown, but by 1877 it was big enough to include a sawmill and post office; there were approximately seven other sawmills nearby.

To get to Summitville, take 127 north to Clare. Take the exit to US-10 west. At the intersection of US-10 and State, you are there. If you turn left on State Road (which is a dirt road), it'll take you straight to Google's interpretation of Summitville. But take a map or print out the photos above, otherwise you may not know you passed thru it...even if you have a GPS.

US-10 is a GREAT road, full of ghost towns. From this road you can get not only to Summitville, but Chase, Idlewild, Lake and other towns & villages that are forgotten & unnnamed on maps. Other towns on US-10 like Reed City and Baldwin are fun to visit as well.

Add this offbeat, offtrack destination to your roadtrip itinerary!

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