Vacation time is coming up…you’ll be spending enough dough on gas, lodging and sight-seeing… why not save a few bucks on food? You won’t be skimping…you’ll be eating well and having extra bucks to spend on souvenirs and other junk you won’t need.

So here are fourteen places in Michigan you can eat a good meal for under ten bucks, and they ain’t fast-food joints, either!

What’s yer pleasure? Burgers, Mediterranean, Mexican, pasties, pizza, sandwiches, subs, Thai food, Vietnamese…it’s all here and more for the taking.

No matter where you go in our state, there’ll be one nearby: Ann Arbor, Detroit,  Fenton, Grand Rapids, Ishpeming, Lansing, Marquette and Traverse City.

To read about these places on and to see pictures, CLICK HERE.

Man.....that's good eatin'.

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