In just a couple of months, downtown Mackinac Island will be packed with people from all over the state of Michigan.

How many times have you visited Mackinac Island? I've been to the island over ten times and loved it every single time.

According to

It’s hiring time for the island’s long 2022 season. Resorts, downtown hotels, fudge shops, retail stores, bike rentals and horse-drawn carriage tours all are in search of new or returning employees who want to call Mackinac home for at least a few months this year.

You definitely need to have strong people skills if you're going to work most of the summer at one of Michigan's premiere destinations.

This would be the perfect job for college students who take the summer off from school. You could make some extra cash over the summer and meet so many interesting people from all over Michigan.

And because Mackinac Island is so well known for their fudge shops, that would be the perfect place to work.  I don't think I would have any will power making fudge and selling it to customers every day of the week.

According to, here's how you can get started:

Check out the "jobs" page on the Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau's website. It has an "Apply Now" link that lets people to enter their contact information, upload their resume and select the types of jobs they're most interested in.

It would be so cool to work on the island. You could work in a downtown hotel, work in a retail store, and even be a part of the horse drawn carriage tours.

There is one job you should stay away from. It requires a shovel or two, working boots, a big waste container, and nose plugs. Catch my drift? Good luck!

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