Everybody has their own thoughts when it comes to landscaping ideas for their home.  Some like to landscape in the spring, some in the fall, but for me, it's all about landscaping in the summer.

First of all, it takes lots of time and planning to come up with the perfect landscaping ideas to make your home look as beautiful as it can on the outside.  And that's what I call curb appeal.

My wife and I have spent lots of money trying to come up with the best landscaping ideas for our home and we both really enjoy working on our projects during the summer months.

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We usually come up with a game plan and start planting at the end of June, basically when summer begins.

We both go to several places that really help us out with great ideas.  We go to Van Atta's, Lansing Gardens, Home Depot, and Lowes.

We'll even take pictures of one of our landscaping ideas and then have the experts from any one of those above mentioned businesses give us new planting ideas.

The biggest reason why my wife and I love landscaping in summer in because of the steady warm temperatures and the fact that everything seems to bloom at roughly the same time.

In our backyard most recently, we added a nice brick patio coming off of our back sunroom and it looks fantastic.  There are two open spots on either side of the brick patio that need to be filled in with two flowering bushes to accent that area.

Right now we are working on a rose bed garden which feature knock out roses which look absolutely beautiful in the summer months.  We like several different rose colors to enhance our backyard.

In our front yard, we planted several flowering bushes and they bloom very nicely from spring until fall.

My wife and I use a lot of edging for most of our flower beds and keep everything trimmed up and looking good.  And let's not forget about our lawn.  We put down lots of fertilizer to green up the lawn so that one of these days, our own home will be on the front page of "Better Homes and Gardens."

If you want to check out summer landscaping ideas, essentialhomeandgarden.com has you covered.

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