We had some great weather this summer, but it looks like fall is here and winter is right behind it with frost coming this weekend. This means I have to go check on my garden after the show tonight because I want to make sure I pick all of veggies that need to be picked before they get frozen.

According to MLive, frost is coming this weekend, but it won't stay too long. In case you didn't know (I didn't know), visible frost happens when the temperature outside is 36 degrees or colder. This weekend we will be seeing lows just above freezing and lower than 40 so that is the reason for this frost alert.

I mentioned my garden because I have some tomatoes growing and frost can freeze them quickly and turn them to mush overnight, so be aware of them if they are in your garden. If you are growing peppers, that is another vegetable you will want to pick soon too. I'm hoping for my cabbage to grow as they usually do well in colder weather as does broccoli, so I'd avoid picking those.

Anyway, the frost is looking like it will mostly happen Saturday morning, but we could be in for a cold morning Friday too. Weather will back to 70s for the high and in the 50s for the lows at night towards the middle of next week. Making this weekend our first weekend in a few months for frosty temperatures. You can see the forecast here. 

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