Q: What was the big deal about the Rolling Stones album cover of “Some Girls”? Why was it censored? It wasn't dirty.

A: That 1978 album was censored thanks to some uptight “celebrities.” The album cover featured pictures of lingerie ads and the Rolling Stones themselves as ladies; but that's not why the cover was censored - the cover also featured head shots of some female celebrities. Legal action was threatened against the Stones by none other than Farrah Fawcett, Lucille Ball, Raquel Welch, Marilyn Monroe's estate and Liza Minnelli (for the picture of her mother, Judy Garland; Mick Jagger ran into Minnelli at a New York disco and apologized – no word if she was gracious or not). The album was reissued with an insert that said PARDON OUR APPEARANCE - COVER UNDER CONSTRUCTION and the celebs were removed (even the ones that DIDN'T complain) but the lingerie ads and the Stones in drag were kept. “Some Girls” was the first album recorded with Ron Wood as a full member. SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE ORIGINAL & CENSORED COVERS...

ORIGINAL UNCENSORED COVER (courtesy of Rolling Stones Records)


CENSORED VERSION (courtesy of Rolling Stones Records)