A few miles off the Lake Huron coast at Alpena is Sulphur Island, so-named for all the abundant sulphuric substances.

A handful of people canoe, kayak, and boat to this remote, uninhabited island every year. Even though hiking is not allowed thanks to the danger of numerous rocks, that doesn’t stop the curious from heading to this small island. It is definitely an awesome, beautiful, desolate site.

The island is made up of mostly bedrock and is a well-kept secret by serious rock hunters. The island is also a respected nesting site for birds.

In the 1800s, residents on the mainland would boat there for meetings, trapping, hunting, and fishing. Fishing was a main source of survival and income back then, and many fishermen set their traps and gill nets at Sulphur Island, as well as Campbell’s Fishery and Plough’s Fishery.

Over 100 years ago, many other Alpena residents enjoyed boating over to Sulphur Island to have picnics or just relax alongside nature.

Nowadays, this very small island is a haven for rock hunters. If you decide to visit the island, keep in mind the warnings about the shards of rock that could cause you bodily damage and plan accordingly.

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