One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving dinner is all the leftovers.   I was raised by a Mom who would not throw any food away, in her eyes it was wasteful.  So I was brought up on  leftovers and I love them.  Yes, you do have to get creative sometimes, I mean who wants to eat meatloaf for 3 straight nights.

Once thanksgiving is over and you look at your refrigerator full of leftovers, it is time to get creative with your Thanksgiving leftovers.  For that I turned to the Food Network and I found some really great recipes.

Leftover Thanksgiving Pull-Apart Sliders - This uses just about everything from your meal,potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce,turkey, gravy and dinner rolls.  This is the meal my daughter Payton chose as her favorite.

Leftover Thanksgiving Panini - This also uses most of the leftovers from your meal and it looks delicious.   My daughter Carson chose this as her favorite.

Second Day Turkey and String Bean Pot Pies - My husband David got to the word pot pie and he said "want it".

Turkey, Mushroom and Corn Mexican Casserole - This little gem is from the mind of Rachael Ray and it looks delicious.

Hot Brown Turkey Sandwiches - you pile leftovers over a piece of bread then cover it with gravy, are you kidding me??  This one is my choice!!

Roasted Turkey Lasagna - Okay so this one basically uses just turkey but that is still a leftover and my Morning Show Co-Host Danny chose this as his favorite leftover meal.

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