Sugarloaf Ski Lodge, a half hour northwest of Traverse City, shut down in 2000 and has never re-opened.

Sugarloaf was at its peak in the 1970's and could hold its own with even the biggest ski resorts in the country - 3,000 to 4,000 skiers a day! Condos, hotel, lodge, ski school, ski shop....all kept extremely busy.

Closed now since 2000, there are still remnants and curious left-behinds: TVs, toys, canned food, full pop bottles, beds that are still made, tables still set for meals, furniture, keys, skis, and much more.

What happened? A couple of lousy winters with not enough snow. Not enough snow equals sparse customers, which means less money, which lead to loans not being paid. After a new owner continued to run the resort for a few years, it finally shut down for good.

Many curiosity-seekers come here to explore...unfortunately, vandals come too, and have made their mark. Authorities have been cracking down on trespassers, so if you want to explore, you probably can wander outside, but to get inside you will need permission.

Sugarloaf was re-purchased in 2016 and the new owner says there are plans to re-open.....someday.

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