Subway Settles Not-Really Foot Long Sandwich Litigation
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It was 10 years ago that the Subway Chain started offering its best-know and much loved promotion.  A footlong sub for only five dollars.

The $5 dollar footlongs were very popular with customers, however the franchise  owners saw the affordable meal as a drain on their profits.

The iconic sandwich may no longer be available at your local Subway Shop.  CEO  Trevor Haynes said in a recent interview, that starting this month, each franchisee will be allowed to decide whether or not to sell their subs' for $5bucks.

The reason for the change?  When the chain brought back the $5 dollar footlong after a year long absence, some franchise owners were irate.  They complained, Loudly, of the slim margins they earned off the discounted sandwich.

The 53 year old company, originally called Pete's Super Submarines had $16.8 billion in global sales last year, thanks to 44 thousand restaurant's worldwide.

The end of the $5 dollar footlong is just one of the changes coming to Subway.  The company's CEO says affordable food is what they have always been about.

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