The traditional signs of spring in Michigan are well known, like the first dandelion or the first robin sighting. These are fine, but I prefer looking for the more subtle nods that people are tired of winter and doing their best to force spring.

I’ve listed 5 signs below, but I’m sure there are more. Let me know what I missed!

5. Garage Doors Open Upon Arrival and Stay That Way Until Dark

A young woman shovelling her driveway.
milanklusacek via Getty Images

Growing up in Brooklyn, MI, we knew you were home if your garage door was open. I still have a lot of friends who do this to this day. The open garage door is also midwestern for "enter through the garage door, any knocks on the front door will be ignored." Keep an eye out for this in your neighborhood, or maybe you’re already doing it.

Just be sure to close that garage door before you go to bed or else you’re likely to get a concerned call from your neighbor.

4. The Lawn Guru of Your Neighborhood Is Already Doing Spring Cleanup

Children's lawnmower covered in ice and snow.
poshfoto via Getty Images

You know the neighbor I’m talking about, and if you don’t, chances are it’s you. This curator of perfectly trimmed bushes has already been out between snowstorms picking up leaves, weeding or maybe they’ve even fired up the lawnmower. More power to these landscape enthusiasts, but I’m fine with waiting until the final thaw.

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3. Motorcyclists Are Out and Underdressed

Motorcycle Crossing
jojoo64 via Getty Images

I absolutely love getting my two-wheel wind therapy, but it has to be above 60 degrees (in the afternoon—I’ll bundle up for a 50-something-degree morning ride to work). Some riders are made of sterner stuff, though, and will ride with only a hint of sunshine in nothing but jeans and a t-shirt.

I’m not exactly sure how they don’t immediately plunge into hypothermia, but I’ll salute you from the inside of my heated truck as you go by.

This is a good time to remind you to keep your eye out for motorcycles. They're looking out for you, so return the favor.

2. Camo Shorts and Combat Boot Guy Emerges From Hibernation

ROTHCO via Amazon
ROTHCO via Amazon
Rothco via Amazon
Rothco via Amazon

If you’ve never seen Camo Shorts and Combat Boot Guy walking around, you haven’t been paying attention. In the winter, sightings are limited to grocery stores and maybe in their own yard, but no more than 15 feet from a door at any moment.

Camo Shorts and Combat Boot Guy comes out of a deep slumber on the first day the temperature rises above 39 degrees, retires his winter wear, and dedicates the rest of the year (if possible) to his preferred wardrobe. He’s out there now, and he moves fast so keep an ever-vigilant eye.

1. Airing Out The House

Black man disgust face expressions portrait over gray background.
Kurhan via Getty Images

Growing up in Mid-Michigan this annual ritual coincides with the annual reciting of: "If you don’t like the temperature get a blanket."

Every window in your home must be opened so that the 6 months of furnace funk can slowly seep through the screens. You can hear your mom saying, "Just smell that fresh air!" while it's wafting into her face.

I know we’ll still be looking out for that robin and dandelion, but now that you know some other signs spring is coming to Lansing, maybe you’ll see a light at the end of the tunnel that is winter.

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