The storms that blew through Michigan Wednesday were strong and destructive, leaving over 3,500 in our area without power.

Yesterday our whole state got smacked by strong storms, and those storms left over 600 thousand Michigan residents in the dark. Consumers crews could be working to restore power throughout the weekend.

The fierce winds that came with the storm were wild and caused many trees to be uprooted and barns were blown down.

Consumers Energy said that as of 5PM yesterday 2,297 in Clinton County were in the dark, in Eaton County that number was 5,280,  Ingham County had 667, Jackson County took quite a hit that left over 10 thousand residents without power and in Owosso the number was 519.

Consumers urges people to stay at least 25 feet away from downed power lines and keep your children and pets away as well. Once again Consumers is working to get everyone's power restored as quickly as possible. The power company does say that it might be this weekend for those in the hardest hit areas to have their power back on.

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