Recently, Lansing-area shoppers were given the good news that the Meridian Mall, and the company that owns it, was able to pull themselves out of bankruptcy!

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With that news, came word that they had "strategic ideas" of some new additions to the mall space that currently has plenty of empty storefronts.

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What Could Come to Meridian Mall?

Of course, attractions like their bigger stores as well as High Caliber Karting and Entertainment have certainly kept people coming back to the Meridian Mall, we think the best way to figure out what people will want and what will entice them to shop there would be to just ask them!

The Lansing area is a pretty fashionable part of Michigan, it's also the capital and practically in the middle of the state which means we should have one of the best malls, right?

Here's a look at what Lansing-area shoppers said they would like to see go in at the Meridian Mall:

20+ Stores Lansing-Area Shoppers Want to See at the Meridian Mall

The Meridian Mall has plenty of empty stores but has recently pulled themselves up out of bankruptcy. They say they have ideas of their own but the shoppers have spoken and here is a look at some new things they would want in there:

Malls Just Need to Adapt

Maybe it's because I will always long for the times my mom, sisters and I would take an entire day and shopped until we dropped at a mall full of stores we didn't have in Jackson. Whether that was the Briarwood Mall in Ann Arbor or the Meridian Mall, it was always so fun.

No, it wasn't just about the material things we bought but getting to experience something different every time.

Malls have been a central part of our culture for so long, just watch any movie made in the 90's.

Yes, the way people shop is changing, but online shopping is not instant, it's not walking through in your cute outfit, exploring the mall as the smell of soft pretzels wafts through the air, you find some treasures, maybe stop for dinner and you had yourself a great day.

Malls just need to adapt, listen to what people want and make it more of an "experience" again.

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