Michigan has a couple of it's own Stonehenges....one of 'em is on Beaver Island.

On the west side of the island, on Reddings Trail, lies a patch of land with a circle of stones - actually glacial boulders - believed to be some kind of ancient script, sacred native site of the Anishinaabemowin and Anishinaabe people, or astrological figures...or maybe all.

Archaeologists debate whether the stones were placed by tribe members hundreds of years ago, or left that way by construction workers who built more modern structures elsewhere on the island.

But some of the stones themselves tell a different tale...that they were indeed used by the natives hundreds of years ago...markings & drawings appear on some of the boulders and a big stone in the center has a burrowed hole in the middle, possibly used to hold some kind of pole.

This stone figuration is called the "Beaver Island Stone Circle" and islanders do not put it on their list of things to do or see when you visit...you have to find the place yourself. The photos above show you where it is so it won't be hard for you to find it. Reddings Trail goes right through the circle, so when you visit, you'll have to wander on both sides of the road...you'll find the stones out in the open and some hidden within the trees and brush.

This "stonehenge" was re-discovered in the 1980's and is pretty much kept a secret by islanders. So hop a ferry and get over there for some photo ops BEFORE THEY DECIDE TO BLOCK NON-ISLANDERS FROM ACCESS!

This is a true Michigan historic, megalithic site, one you should visit soon.

Read more about these stones on Beaver Island's webpage by CLICKING HERE.

To read even more, and see an outline of how the stones are patterned go to repositorybeaverislandstonecircle.com by CLICKING HERE.

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