The Coronavirus pandemic was at first a nuisance, but with such speed this virus has taken over our "normal world" and now we are left with this "new normal", which has to include helping out our Mid Michigan businesses that are trying to hang on while they have been ordered to close down. Restaurants are really taking a hit, but we as a community have ways to help them.

Yesterday I was talking to my daughters about the virus (okay, actually complaining), and I was telling them that I was worried how this would affect our local restaurants that were closed down; however, they were still doing "to go" orders. We decided that at least twice a week, we would order 'To Go' meals from different area restaurants to help the staff and owners keep their jobs and businesses.

Yesterday I called our local Buddies in Holt and ordered 3 meals to go, they could have not been nicer and were so happy that folks were helping them out by ordering food. You still can't sit in the restaurants, but it helps them when you order to go. The cooks can work, wait-staff can take phone orders and you will be adding to their business financially, oh and please leave a nice size tip they can all split.

It was strange walking into Buddies in Holt which is normally bustling with customers, and instead seeing chairs stacked on the tables, but they were so happy to be getting these to go orders. As residents, it should be our duty to help out these folks. Take a couple nights off during the week and don't cook, order for pick-up. If everyone would be able to do this we could help our local restaurant families hang on until this virus has passed and we can get back to our normal lives.

When you do order to go, please leave a nice tip that they can all split.

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