With a brutal heat wave coming our way in the next few days, there are a few heat related items you might want to know about before it hits our area.

For example:

Heat cramps are painful cramps caused by the loss of salt and fluids when you sweat.

Heat stroke is the most serious and that happens when your body can no longer regulate it's core temperature.  You can't sweat so you are unable to get rid of any excess heat.

According to WILX News, Your Breaking News and Weather Authority, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has some advice on how you can stay cool and hydrated during the heat.

1.  Drink more fluids and avoid liquids with large amounts of sugar and alcohol

2.  Spend time indoors in air conditioning

3.  Wear lightweight, light colored and loose fitting clothing

For more advice on how to stay cool, please click on the above link.

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