Congratulations we have (almost) made it through another Michigan winter.  Spring time will be here  soon (-ish).  The first day of spring is March 20th, and I am already thinking about gardening.

I am a huge lover of flowers, and once planting season begins you can usually find me at the greenhouse on a daily basis.  I love the look of flowers all around my house.  My deck is filled with flowers on all different levels.

This year I was thinking of buying some seeds and start planting myself.  My question is, the only place I could do this would be to have the plants in the basement.    They would get plenty of sunshine but the basement is not the warmest .  Should I cover them with plastic wrap?

One of my favorite things is having my hands in the dirt and watching  my flowers and vegetables grow.  Love Gardening !!

#gardenLover  #FreshFood  #LovemyFlowers


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