The Spotlight Theatre in Taylor was only operable for 23 years: 1989 thru 2012.

When the theater opened, it had eight screens and approximately 3,000 seats. Another two screens were added in 1995. It was owned by the Loek's Star Theaters chain, who sold their stake in 2002.

AMC then owned the theater, which was re-named the AMC Star Taylor. They shut it down in 2009.

Then, the theater was taken over by Ken & Jake Stocker, who revamped it into the Spotlight Taylor in 2010. The Stockers' intent was to run their own chain of low-priced movie houses using the 'Spotlight' moniker, but alas – the Spotlight Taylor closed for good in 2012.

The Spotlight still sits abandoned - with a sad-looking parking lot overlooking it – at 22265 Eureka Road in Taylor. Take a look at the gallery below and go inside this abandoned movie house.




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