photo M. Harris TSM Lansing


photo M. Harris TSM LansingI LOVE Halloween, it is one of my favorite holidays.    I enjoy all that goes with it, the cute kiddo's in their costumes knocking on my door for candy, the parties, the haunted hayrides and houses,  Most of all, I love the spooky movie's  and scary Halloween stories.

I am so happy to announce that         once again 'Monica's Spooky Halloween Stories' will be back on the morning show.   The stories will start on the morning of October 22nd and will continue up until Halloween!
I get asked about the stories all the time, and recently a day hasn't gone by without an adult asking me when the stories will be starting.  Danny helps me bring the stories to life with some awsome Halloween music and sound effects.

I am just so happy the people love hearing the stories as much as I love telling them.....

be prepared to be spooked starting Monday October 22nd., on 99.1 WFMK.

A quick note about the above picture.   It was taken at the Little Stone Church on Mackinac Island, just down the hill from the Grand Hotel.  The photo contains dozens of orbs which were not visible when the photo was taken, during a sunny afternoon when no one else was in the chapel.


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