Well, actually a new fur-mommy.  The Capital Area Humane Society came in on Friday with this darling black kitty.  It was one of those moments where I knew I had to have her. I like to think we had quite the connection.

I already have adopted the 2 older cats we have, Kevin and Luna, plus we adopted our Corgi mix Sheba. The next animal I brought home had to be special; very chill to get along with the other animals.  And...that is a work in progress. The dog is doing great, Kevin is still curious and Luna flat out hates me now (still working on that problem).

Anyone who knows me will agree that I am an animal lover, and I believe 100% in the saying Adopt Don't Shop. A walk through the Capitol Area Humane Society, or Ingham County Animal Control, or even a shelter near you will show you why. So many wonderful pets are just waiting for a home. I am doing my best, but I may be at my limit, so if you are looking for a new fur-baby, please check out the shelters first before you buy.

On that note, enjoy a picture of our newest. Her name is Sally Bean (my daughter thought she looked like a string bean when she stretched out). My latest love.

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