Vital parts of roadtripping through Michigan include plenty of road munchies & junk food and hitting some of those unique souvenir shops. Even if you walk away without buying anything, it's the fun of exploring 'em that counts.

Whenever I would travel north, I would visit some of the off-the-wall gift shops, and I would always find the same bizarre stuff:

1) Something called “portable toilet paper” that was just a corn cob in a box
2) Rubber snakes
3) Fake bugs
4) Huge cigars
5) Indian headdress
6) Petoskey stones
7) Tom-toms
8) Knick-knacks made out of wood
9) Countless items that have something to do with beer
10) Beef sticks and cheese logs
11) Fudge
12) Moo-Cow Creamers (Wanna know more about the famously campy Moo-Cow Creamers? Then just CLICK HERE!)

Anyway, take a look at the gallery below and see a handful of classic Michigan souvenir shops, gift shops, and trading posts from decades past!



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