Courtesy of Apple Records

Q: There's a song on James Taylor's album called “Something In The Way She Moves.” Is this supposed to refer to the Beatle song SOMETHING or did he steal the line?

A: No on both counts...however, the line WAS George Harrison, who liked it so much, he used it for the first line in his composition, SOMETHING, that appeared on the Beatles' “Abbey Road” album. James Taylor (the first non-British act to be signed to the Beatles' Apple Records label) was recording his debut album (titled simply "James Taylor") at the same time & place (Trident Studios) the Beatles were recording their “White Album” in 1968; this led to a crossover of some Beatle influence in Taylor's debut. George had been tinkering on a new song while admiring Taylor's song title “Something In The Way She Moves” and used that title in his new song which became SOMETHING...but that's the only similarity between the two songs (George wanted SOMETHING to be included on the “White Album” but it was left off, refined a little more and included on their next album, “Abbey Road”). SOMETHING gave George a whole new credibility as a songwriter but was still being overlooked; Frank Sinatra loved the song but always referred to it as his “favorite Lennon/McCartney song.” As for Taylor's debut album (titled “James Taylor”), Paul McCartney wound up aiding in orchestration and both Paul and George Harrison appear on the song “Carolina In My Mind.”