Trying to come up with something to do these days is not easy. Anyone that had anything to celebrate the last 9 months, knows this is true. With most restaurants and bars closed (except for some with outdoor seating), our options are few.

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When you are over 10 years of age, putting a sign outside of your house instructing drivers to 'honk' because it's your birthday is pretty lame. Maybe because of restrictions,  you could not go out to celebrate an important anniversary - you are not alone. That is why when I see something like carriage rides in Frankenmuth, I want to pass it along. What a fun and unique way to celebrate a wedding anniversary, a birthday, or just because.

Weather permitting of course, you can book a reservation to ride through Frankenmuth inside of a horse drawn carriage. Fantasy Carriage Company will continue to provide this awesome service throughout January and February of 2021, on Saturday's and Sunday's. According to their Facebook page, Fantasy Carriage Company offer a 100% refund if your date cannot be fulfilled due to weather or any other unforeseen circumstances. This may include extreme low temperatures or hazardous driving conditions. This decision (if need be) is made by Fantasy Carriage.

I bet these rides were awesome during the Christmas holiday. You may not see as many decorations, but this still would be a memorable and fun experience. Prices and times are as follow,

  • $50-15 Minutes
  • $95-30 minutes
  • $185-1 hour
  • $275-1 1/2 hours (hour and hour and half based upon request and availability)

All prices include up to six people. This information was via Facebook, so I should add - prices may be subject to change. I suggest calling Fantasy Carriage Company at (989) 245-1891 for exact quotes, and any additional questions you may have.

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