There never seems to be a shortage of stupid criminals.   Here is a list of more of them and how they tried to pull off what they considered to be the perfect crime....idots.

Two men from the UK, who had the brilliant idea to take photos of themselves while robbing gambling machines..yes they were arrested, and yes.they went to jail.  But Thanks from the Police for helping them with your photos.

Armed robber Andrew Hennells was caught after he boasted ON FACEBOOK, of his plan to rob  a local supermarket, he then posted his plan with a selfi, which included a picture of a knife , and the words "doing Tesco. Over".  Tesco is a supermarket in the UK.  Any how, police caught him 15 minutes later with the knife and cash he had stolen from the store.  Off to jail for him, for the next four years.

A retired couple returned home from their vacation a few years back and found a burglar fast asleep in their bed.  The 'Goldilocks robber' , had done their dishes , washed his underwear and even bought some groceries.

The homeowner said when they left for vacation their home wasn't very tidy, but the robber did a bit of cleaning up for them.   He did burn a pan while cooking dinner, but the owner said "that happens."      So what happened to the Goldilocks Burglar??  2years probation.

Now my favorite......a man decided to rob a bank, he had picked the perfect location , wrote the note to hand to the teller and he thought he was all set.   The only thing that did not work out for him .....he got so nervous he fainted just as he tried to hand the teller his demand note.   Paramedics were called and as he was being wheeled away on a stretcher he once again tried to hand off his demand note, but alas that was a no go for him and hopeful the end to his brief criminal career.

What is it they can't fix stupid.   That is true.


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