The Coronavirus outbreak is wreaking havoc on so many levels, like travel, the stock market and even wedding and Prom dresses. Some factory shutdowns in China related to the coronavirus outbreak are now delaying the shipment of some wedding gowns and other bridal wear, plus it seems to also be affecting the prom season.

A representative for the American Bridal and Prom Industry says that about 80% of wedding and prom dresses sold in the U.S. are made in China. Dresses that are not made in China often rely on fabrics or other materials that come from China.

Brides that are getting married this summer who have not yet ordered their dress are being told they may want to consider buying off the rack vs count on a custom-made dress.

The CEO of Davids Bridal, the largest seller of wedding gowns in the U.S. told CNN that it is not only the bridal gowns, it's the bridesmaid dresses as well, and that they have spent a lot of time monitoring the situation in China and believe a lot of disruption is going to happen.

The shutting down of delivery from China to the U.S. also affects other apparel. Yes, it is affecting me. I ordered slacks, a shirt and sundress (I always try to buy American made. This time I did not and then this happens.) I have been given no time frame on when my order will be delivered, I just keep getting the message that my order is being prepped for shipment, and so far it's been over a month.

So a word to the wise, start shopping for your wedding or prom dress now off the rack and have it altered into what you want.

Fun Fact: when I got married, I ordered my wedding dress 4 months before the big day and it came in the day before my wedding. THE DAY BEFORE MY WEDDING.!  Thank God no alterations were necessary.

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