Okay, news sources have been telling us not to be in close proximity to other human beings. I get it.

But why is it called “social distancing”? If you were distancing socially, then that would include conversing via the internet or ANY type of contact at all, right? I mean, chatting on the internet is referred to as “social media”, so if the news says to practice “social distancing”, what they're mistakenly saying is don't even chat, tweet, facebook, e-mail, instagram, phone, etc.

So instead of using that hacky, worn-out, wrong term “social distancing”, here are some suggestions on what we CAN use, to define “keeping our bodies away from others”:

Bodily Separation
Carnal Farness
Character Cutoff
Corporal Remoteness
Fleshly Length
Group Removal
Human Outskirts
Individual Provinces 
Mass Gap
Mortal Span
Personal Range
Physical Distancing (my favorite)
Population Isolation
Self Space
Society Span
Visceral Stretch
...and so on and so forth....

So whichever term you wanna use, just make sure it makes sense!

Courtesy of Ode Records
Courtesy of Ode Records

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