Schools across the state are closed as are many business, in anticipation of the snow storm heading our way.

Reports say that Mid-Michigan could see upwards of 9 inches of snow,  and the more north you travel, those snowfall numbers increase to 12 inches.

This past Friday, the 25th was the 40th anniversary of the Blizzard of 1978.  That was a major blizzard.  It happened when two slow moving storms merged producing steady snow for 48 hours.  Some areas saw 30 inches of snow, and the blowing created snow drifts that reached 20 feet tall.

Back then 400 thousand people lost power, and the roads were basically impassable which caused over 125 thousand cars to be abandoned on the roads.

Snowmobilers were in high demand, for getting medical personnel to hospitals or helping to get food from grocery stores.   By the way, store owners said that the three items most in demand during the blizzard were milk. bread and alcohol .

Today's snow storm will not be anything like 1978 , but there will still be a significant amount  of snow, slippery roads and deadly wind chills.

Best advice from the authorities is, "if you don't have to leave your home today....don't."....And my Dad would say, keep a shovel, extra gloves and kitty litter in your car for an emergency.  Dads always have the best advice.


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