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We all know how awesome Michigan is during the summer, but you may need reminding that we are also awesome in the Winter.

Michigan does not shut down once winter is here, instead we shift from summer  beach towns to winter havens offering endless outdoor activities.  Skiing and snowmobiling, yup you can do that and so much more in our beautiful state.

Head to the Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University, from there you get some incredible views of Lake Superior.  Some of the more unusual activities include frozen waterfall ice climbing you can also try fat-tire biking.

Houghton, another town in the U.P.,  offers a lot of snow if that's what your looking for.  Located in Copper Country the town sees an average of 200 inches of snow a year.  You can ski, snowshoe, even go dogsledding.  It's all located in one beautiful setting.

Cadillac is a charming little spot.  Located south of Travers City this charming town shines in the summer and the winter.  Lots of ski trails, snowmobiling in a beautiful and charming location.

The town of Alpena really embraces the winter months.  In fact, Alpena was the scene for filming for the Bruce Willis movie Die Hard 2.  The producers wanted snow and they found it and a welcoming community in Alpena.

Mackinaw City is another beautiful spot in the winter.  Known as a must see in the summer time, winter in Mackinaw City does not disappoint.  There may be some shops and restaurants that shut down, but not all do so you can shop dine out and enjoy the beautiful winter setting.  Plus the hotels in the area are way, way cheaper.

Mackinaw City hosts the Winter festival in mid February.  Thousands descend on the northern city for their art exhibit, ice sculpting, and  fun at local taverns.  You can also rent snowmobiles and head out on the local trails.

This is only the tip of the iceberg (fun winter reference) of fun things you can do all over Michigan during the winter months.

Check out Michigan.org, they can point you in the right direction.

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