Was bowling popular back in the '50s? No doubt about it. Twenty million people in the United States bowled in the 1950s. You could even watch several bowling shows a week on TV.

If we take a look at the number of bowlers in the United States in 2017, that number goes way up to around 45.49 million bowlers.
And of course these numbers include all bowlers, good, bad, or great. Bottom line, after all these years, Americans still love their bowling.
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Here in Michigan, there's an old bowling alley in Carson City, located at 216 W. Main Street which is now for sale for the low price of $130,000.
But here's the catch, it's a bowling alley frozen in time back in the 1950's. In Carson City alone, the population is just over 1,000 local residents.
You would think with a small population like that, everyone would be hanging out at the bowling alley on a Friday or Saturday night.
According to the current owners and original owners of this 1950s bowling alley, everything pretty much looks the same as it did back in the '50s.
According to mlive.com:
"Everything from the bowling return down to the furniture is original and from the 1950s," added Colby. "Even the scoring system, where you have those retro tables with the projector screens, is original. You have to actually hand write your scores and the project above."
So basically after all these years, nothing has changed at Carson City Lanes. All the equipment is original and in really good working condition.

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