A hole-in-one on a par 3 course would be considered an easy shot, kind of, for a professional golfer. But a 4 year old? That is a different story.

Rocco Figaretti loves to golf. His Dad says he started playing at age 3. Last week  his dad and brother-in-law headed out to play a Par 3 course, just to see how the young kid would do. Rocco swings right-handed with a left handed grip. It's weird, but his dad says it works for him so they won't be switching that.

Dad Mario said it has been so fun watching the little one develop such a deep love of the game and apparently his favorite thing to do is hit balls in the back yard, which he does for hours on end.

Tiger woods was golfing at 2, so Rocco may be off to a little slower start, but you never know. He could be the next big thing in golf.

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