It’s called “Skellville” and it’s located in Benton Harbor just off I-94.

What IS Skellville?

It’s a collection of manufactured human skeletons set in varying poses and scenes, a skeleton souvenir shop, on-the-spot made-to-order skulls, antiques, a quasi-haunt and a garden supply shop!

There’s also an audio-animatronic Elvis that moves, sings and talks.

“Skellville” has been called a “backyard bonefest of skeletal characters” that is worth a stop if you’re taking a road trip in that area. Mark it down and remember it…
The address is 2400 M-139, Benton Harbor.

It’s one of those little out-of-the-norm, off-the-wall places in Michigan that makes road trips in our state a lotta fun. Admission is three bucks…that is, if they’re open when you get there…..the hours seem to vary.

Wanna see more pictures? See Skellville's web page by CLICKING HERE.

Have fun and spend your hard-earned dough this summer in Michigan!