Seeing what lies at the bottom of an underwater sinkhole is almost like discovering what's in an outer space black never know what you're gonna get.

This particular underwater sinkhole inspection was implemented by the Alpena Fisheries Research Station back in June 2023. These are the same people that gave us incredible footage of images at the bottom of the Middle Island sinkhole. The sinkhole subject this time has been called the 'Isolated Sinkhole', probably for good reason.

This sinkhole is approximately 275 feet deep. Looking at the footage, there are plenty of white misty layers that appear to be bacterial 'clouds'. Bacteria thrive in sinkholes like these and appear in different forms. Here, along with the cloud-like bacterial mists, you will see rubbery white patches on the sinkhole floor that are bacterial colonies.

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One thing that really stands out are the lack of fish...basically no fish. The exploration did take a couple of shots that show some dead fish; it's speculated they may have died while attempting to swim through the sinkhole where oxygen was at its lowest, and died from the lack.

There are also some shots of mussel beds, alien-like landscapes, a few odd shapes, and plenty of mists that make it seem as if you are floating through cosmic debris in outer space, or lost at sea in a bad storm. One thing that is lacking is any sign of vegetation. While other sinkholes have weed-like substances, this one has none.

Take a look at the gallery below, then take a look at some truly weird things that were found at the bottom of the Middle Island Sinkhole. You can see some of those HERE.

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