From behind the cash register at Dollar General off South Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Lucas Holiday belted out a few lines of "Ascension" by Maxwell, his smooth, soulful voice clear and strong, while he punched keys and bagged some items.

That was Tuesday of last week, Election Day.  His impromptu performance was captured on a cell phone and has been shared more than 13,000 times on Facebook and viewed nearly 600,000 times.

Talk about your claim to fame, on Monday, Holiday appeared on "Good Morning America," and clasping his hands together, accepted a personal invitation to take the stage with the singer-songwriter Maxwell, Friday at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

I'm sure this is a dream come true for Lucas Holiday.  Holiday performed in the Everett High School choir before graduating in 2009 and then in and around Lansing with theater groups and barbershop quartets for the past 15 years.  Here's more from the Lansing State Journal.