I saw some great shows at the Silverdome...
Paul McCartney.....The Who.....The Jacksons with Michael Jackson...etc, etc.

It's been abandoned and deserted for years and now the powers-that-be will be giving the Dome it's final death blow: it's scheduled to begin complete demolition on Sunday, December 3.

A small explosion is scheduled to happen inside the Silverdome at 8:30 a.m, in hopes to demolish some support systems.

Rubberneckers who want to watch can do so in the Water Resources Commission's parking lot. After the initial explosion, demolition experts will be finishing the job, hoping to have all the debris cleared away in a year.

The above pictures show the abandoned Silverdome, showing pillaging & looting by souvenir hunters, some graffiti and deterioration due to weather & time. A sad finish to a place that brought us much joy.

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