According to USA Today, an intense cold snap is threatening to smash record lows across much of the nation through Thursday.

When it comes to your vehicle, how often should you start your car to warm it up?

Personally speaking, I never warm up my car before I go anywhere, on the other hand, some people that I know like to warm up their car for at least ten minutes before they leave for work.

Experts at AAA, a federation of motor clubs, says it's not a good idea to warm your car up to keep it from freezing.

Ninety five percent of the cars on the road today don't use carburetors, so you no longer need to warm them up on cold days.

Instead of repeatedly starting up your car to keep it warm, drivers who are concerned about their engines freezing could have a block heater installed for under $100.

This has never been a major concern of mine. I will just start up my vehicle and off I go to my next destination.

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