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There is a new movement among some parents and teachers as well, that Halloween should be celebrated on Saturdays.  On a weeknight, letting your little Trick or Treater go out in costume and then filling their bags up with sugary candy, usually on a school night does not sit with many who are now asking for the change.

As of this weekend, a petition,,  with nearly 20 thousand signatures were hoping that the petition would make it to President Donald Trumps desk.

The 'Join the Saturday Halloween Movement' calls on  the government to change the date Americans celebrate Halloween, from the 31st of October to the months last Saturday.    In the petition, the association argues that changing the date for trick-or-treating would make it a safer, longer, and stress- free celebration.

No word yet from the White House if the President is on board with a possible change or not.

The petition drive was started by the costume and Halloween industries.


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