Have you ever seen one of Michigan's "Shoe Trees"?

These are trees that have dozens of pairs of shoes hanging from the branches, similar as when you hang ornaments on Christmas trees.

Some Michiganians who have come across one claim that strange things happened to them when they were around it...like their cars refused to start and other little things.

Is it creepy or not? There are varying shoe tree legends, including the most infamous one about a deranged man in the early 1900's who murdered kids, got rid of the evidence and threw their shoes up in tree branches.

If you REALLY wanna look for these mysterious 'shoe trees' go to one of these Michigan towns:
Atlanta, Belding, Drummond Island, Coopersville, Kalkaska, M-33 Near Comins in Oscoda County, Manchester, New Era, Novi/Walled Lake, Salem and Sheldon.

Why do they exist? How did they all began? Why are they considered to be creepy? I personally don't think there's anything dark or creepy about 'em...but I could be wrong.

Get directions and read more about these Michigan oddities at the Michigan Other Side web page by CLICKING HERE.

Got yer shoes on?