Shiloh, located in Orleans Township, Ionia County, is mostly an abandoned village with a few residents and a church.

Shiloh was settled in 1876 and soon had a whopping population of 75 about 20 years later.

Eventually, Shiloh had a barber, two blacksmiths, church, doctor, dry goods store, general store, grist mill, grocery store, justice of the peace, planing mill, post office, potato buyer, two saw mills, schoolhouse, shipper, and shoemaker. All but the church disappeared once the railroad was abandoned and shut down. The loss of the post office put the finishing touch on Shiloh's heyday.

The Shiloh Community Church is the only establishment in Shiloh: no stores, no gas station, no restaurant. If you choose to explore the area, you might be able to find remnants of the old town, like foundations and other bits & pieces along the old railroad grade. There are nothing but houses there now, but you can still drive thru the area that was once a business district: Long Lake Road to Heth Road to Drake Road back to Long Lake Rd....less than a mile total (SEE PHOTO BELOW).

The old schoolhouse still exists (PHOTO BELOW), in pretty good shape, at the intersection of W. Long Lake Road & Decker Road.

Unfortunately, there isn't much written about Shiloh's history, so if anyone has more to contribute, please do!

An interesting little addition to your Michigan roadtrip!


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