Here is a dish, that more than likely will be on your Holiday table this year.   Green Bean Casserole.

The woman who created the iconic dish that contains green beans, cream of mushroom soup and crispy fried onions on top, passed away at the age of 92.  Dorcas Reilly died last month of Alzheimers disease.

Campbell Soup officials said the New Jersey resident was the driving force behind the popular dish Green Bean Casserole, in fact the company says it is the most popular recipe ever to come out it's cooperate kitchen.

Dorcas was a Campbell Soup kitchen supervisor in 1955 when she combined the ingredients of the now legendary green bean casserole.

The recipe is still a fixture on soup-can labels and tv commercials, and Riley said she always kept the ingredients for the casserole on hand in her home, just incase someone asked her to whip one up.

The original recipe card has been donated to the national Inventors Hall of fame.

Folks still are loving the dish, in fact the company's website got 27 million  visits during last years holiday season.

Green Bean Casserole is now a main stay on most holiday tables, thanks to Dorcas Rilley

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