A creature with the face of an ape...up to 8.5 feet tall...covered in thick, black hair...they blend into their woodsy surroundings, avoiding capture or being photographed - or shot. They are Michigan's 'Shadow People', a name given to a human-like being that some may call bigfoot or sasquatch. These are definitely different from another type of 'shadow people' that is associated with hauntings, like ghosts and apparitions.

So are these Shadow People beings paranormal? Most likely not.
Aliens? Nope.
Mutants or animals or a mixture of both? Who knows.

Residents in secluded Michigan forest areas truly believe that these Shadow People stay at a safe range and observe the human day-to-day routines. Some folks have discovered abandoned bear dens that a different type of creature uses for dwellings. Others have found stashes of dead deer, stacked high in the treetops as if in some kind of food storage.

Witnesses claim there are TWO types of creature - large and small...the larger ones are aggressive and may give chase while the smaller type does its best to avoid any human contact or confrontation.

Near the town of Montague in Muskegon County, a person who was hiking in the woods had a frightening experience by something he/she referred to as one of the Shadow People. In the official report on bfro.net, the hiker said it was "an animal of tall stature, peaking out from underbrush, the head between five and six feet in height from the ground and the body was hidden. On the property were many "bear dens" and other areas that could provide shelter. I also saw deer carcasses cached high in trees. I saw.....piles of bones stacked two and three feet high in a very dense area of the wood.....During a walk after dark I was chase by an enormous creature which ran on two feet and was most definitely not human.....there was a distinctive musk odor. Also some odd calls were let out before the chase in the dark....like nothing I had ever heard. This is in White River Township."

As I've said in the past, YES, a creature such as this IS possible.
But is it probable? NO. If it were, we'd have photos, video, ANY kind of proof by now, especially with all the technology at our fingertips...not the fuzzy, blurry, faked photography we always see posted on the internet.

Screenshot courtesy of Freddie Parks, youtube
Screenshot courtesy of Freddie Parks, youtube

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