It looks like a large portion of lower Michigan could be hit with some very strong storms and even a tornado is possible.

The threat for widespread severe thunderstorms could be hitting parts of lower Michigan Wednesday afternoon and in the evening. These storms could be so strong that Gale Warnings have been issued for Lake Michigan, Saginaw Bay and Lake Superior.

The National Weather Service issued the Gale Warnings for parts of the Great Lakes as the remnants of Tropical Depression Cristobal move closer to Michigan.

If you were planning to go to Lake Michigan today or Wednesday, keep in mind that the blowing wind up from the south means that all open waters of Lake Michigan will be under a Gale Warning tonight until tomorrow night. This storm could produce waves on Lake Michigan that could be 7 to 10 feet tall.

Strong winds will cause hazardous waves, and these waves are strong enough to capsize or damage vessels.  Bottom line, this is not going to be a great time to take your boat on Lake Michigan.

The Storm Prediction Center has placed about the lower half of Michigan in the "enhanced risk" area of severe thunderstorms. There is even a chance that this storm could bring tornados to lower Michigan, with the possibility of hail as well.

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